Alvaston Park Star Party 2021!

This year the Star Party was presented in a completely new way - we had to go virtual! And because of that we were able to extend the Party to an extra long celebration that ran for a total of nine evenings.

Here's the link to join the 2021 Star Party where you can watch replays of each day of the party.

To see the schedule of events please click here

If you want to have a go at some of the craft activities that were part of the Star Party week there are links to all of them at the end of this page. Scroll down to find out how to make stars and telescopes and galaxies!

Go to Day 1 for your welcome to the first virtual Alvaston Park Star Party and then find out about the free software called Stellarium.

Photo credit Stellarium

Go to Day 2 to learn about our closest star ... Sun! The picture shows the mosaic representation of the sun in Alvaston Park. This is part of the Science Garden and you can find out a lot more about this on our website under 'Things to do' - 'Science Garden'. Following the Sun discussion listen to a talk about Joseph Wright's famous painting The Orrery. The talk has been especially compiled for us by Derby Museums.

Photo credit APF

Go to Day 3 to reach for the moon and find out whether it's really made of shortbread or is it something else perhaps? Take a trip around the amazing model of the moon owned by Derby and District Astronomical Society and enjoy the stories that make up its history.

Photo credit Katie's mum

Go to Day 4 for a trip to Mars and then learn about John Flamsteed's Star Atlas. A copy of this magnificent Atlas is owned by Derby Museums and they have made this presentation especially for our Star Gazing Party.

Photo credit Katie Smith

Go to Day 5 to visit Mercury, and then explore the Galilean moons of Jupiter - Io, Europa, Ganymede and Callisto.

Photo credit NASA/JPL/DLR

Go to Day 6 to visit Jupiter, and then listen to advice from Derby and District Astronomical Society about the use of telescopes and binoculars.

Photo credit NASA/JPL/University of Arizona

Go to Day 7 for an exciting visit to Venus and find out how stardust is the making of us all!

Photo credit APF

Go to Day 8 to explore Saturn and to hear about the amazing James Webb space telescope due for launch into space later this year.

Photo credit Judy Jones

Go to Day 9 for the final party day - listen to Ian Russell explain that 'Space is BIG'.

Photo Credit crowdcast

HAVE A GO!! Here are links to some craft activities that you may like to create. For the Constellation Pinwheel please click here, for the Pinwheel Galaxy click here, for the Star Template click here, for the Star Wheel click here, and for the Planet Star click here.

James Webb telescope basic model click here

James Webb telescope advanced model assembly instructions click here, and for the parts printout click here.